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HTML5 Drag & Drop — Not the API You’re Looking For
A “regretrospective” from our app
S3's default Cache-Control is dangerous for browsers
Stale responses, here we come!
Bundling around the Figma Plugin Runtime Limits
Reliving the glory days of javascript preprocessing
07 Aug 2023
Fixing the globe cursor in HTML5 Drag and Drop
Derivations 102 - Learning Nix pt 4
Taking advantage of the fact Nix is a programming language
Creating a super simple derivation - Learning Nix pt 3
Wrapping some shell scripts
So Variables are a Thing - Learning Nix pt 2
Taking advantage of the fact Nix is a programming language
NSDC 2016 Topics
Digitizing the motions from National Schools Debating Championships 2016
Environments with Nix Shell - Learning Nix pt 1
An introduction for how to run Nix code
Exposing properties with Graphene Django
The other missing guide
Arithmetic with JavaScript Arrays
A Astonishing Adventure
Freeing Disk Space with the PackageKit cache
Automatic updates gone wrong
Keeping Python projects secure on GitLab
Pinning projects to the very latest
Testing GraphQL with Graphene Django
The missing guide
Local Politicians Meet InfoSec - a Wordpress Disaster
The article that I didn't want to have to write
17 Feb 2017
PGP for Every Email
Join us in our PGP journey
SELinux Concepts - but for humans
This is your SELinux dictionary!
A new way of writing Gtk+ applications
Introducing Pyract - my weekend hack
Stop Disabling SELinux: A Real-World guide
Be safe from software vulnerabilities AND run your webserver
Plotinus and the quest for searchable menus
The underdog challenges a 30 year old UI convention
DMARC Secured Your Email Identity, But See How it Ruined Mailing Lists
Why people aren't posting on your mailing list
How they track you: Email Service Provider Edition
A summary of how major email marketers track their emails
Blender for Hackers - 3D modeling is just like using VIM
A very brief introduction to Blender
Edge of the World - What Open-World Games Can Teach Us About Design
Spoiler: It's all about the illusions
When fictional worlds are an accurate representations of IoT security
Ok, a little dramatized. But still truthful.
How I Destroyed my Blog's Performance with CSS Background-Blend-Modes
Just because a browser has a feature doesn't mean you should use it
Help Us Answer: The Email Signup Popup - where is it from?
Who is behind the latest wave of popups?
My WATCH runs GNU/Linux And It Is Amazing
Lennart Poettering would love it!
4 Jan 2017
6 Stunning Email SignUp Form Designs with Free HTML
I've spent way to much time on dribbble researching these!
1 Dec 2016
Writing Sugar Documentation with a Neural Network
What a terrible failure, probably?
7 Oct 2016
Dance - Sugar 0.110
Better than GNOME?
7 Oct 2016
Gtk+ 3.22 theme support
Oh no, they kept it the same
6 Oct 2016
Liberating Presenter Club
Make great presentations, faster
4 Sep 2016
The End of Mako
Four years was too much to ask
13 Aug 2016
A Grow.io Introduction
21 Jul 2016
Journal Project View - User Testing
Better result than last user testing!
10 Jul 2016
The Sea is Blue
Don't stare too long at the UIs of today
22 May 2016
Sugar With Instant Palettes
Palettes are fun, but what if they were faster
25 Apr 2016
Sugar Onboard - After user testing
User testing is great, my design skills aren't as great
16 Feb 2016
Sugar without a Homeview
Maybe just use the journal instead?
10 Feb 2016
ASLO-2 Post Mortem
How an ambitious project lacking focus failed, and the reflection that invoked
3 Jan 2016
Sugar Onboard Design
A popup based section to introduce users to Sugar
26 Dec 2015
Telepathy Top 10 Lists

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