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Hi, I'm Sam Parkinson
I love helping people with design, software and machine learning
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Chuck me an email: [email protected]

Things I do

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A narrative tech podcast
Join us as we explore the stories that shape our technology today.
Episodes range from the systemd-timesyncd controversy, to a satirical ICO launch.
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FLOSS contributions
I've written a few GNOME apps, available on GitHub. I also occasionally send patches upstream.
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Things I have done (previously)

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Built, launched and grew LearntEmail; an email marketing platform harnessing the power of machine learning
In late 2017, LearntEmail was acquired by Bellwethr
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Google Code In 2014: Grand Prize Winner
I contributed to Sugar Labs during the Google Code In, and was awarded for my efforts.
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FLOSS maintainer and contributor
Sugar is a desktop environment and set of apps for school students; commonly used on OLPC laptops.
I contributed to Sugar, and managed the 0.108 release cycle.
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