Sam P.

Hello visitor from the internet! What brings you here today? You've landed on a strange place that I call home, on the internet at least. This is where my ramblings are, such as the text you read now. You may also discover how to contact me on this page.

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I help people supercharge their email marketing with machine learning

About Me

I contribute to Sugar, which is a desktop environment and collection of software for learners. I like how it has a coherent design and collaboration built into the desktop environment level. Also the journal is pretty cool. Sugar is also free software (GPLv2+).

I run Fedora GNU/Linux. Fedora is a nice, sensible distro that holds freedom close to heart. I also use GNOME 3 as my desktop environment, due to the simple, industry-leading design.

I edit with VIM. VIM needs no link as it is already installed on your Fedora machine. I am yet to fully understand the scripting functionality of VIM, and run without any scripts. However, I find it very ergonomic, which converted me from trusty GEdit.


One new and exciting design technique is multi-page site. It leverages no.js technology for fast navigation and accessibility. Here are some of these pages for you to enjoy: