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Sugar without a Homeview

Maybe just use the journal instead?

By Sam Parkinson, 16 February 2016; view other posts

This is a design idea that I have thinking about a lot recently; does the homeview make sense in the context of Sugar? First, I think about what the homeview provides:

  1. Create new journal items (launching an activity always creates a new journal item)
  2. Resume the activity I had open yesterday (the coloured icons). I usually right click and click the title that I want via the palette menu myself - I don't always have the best memory for what I clicked stop in last yesterday afternoon
  3. Deleting activities (this should really be in settings!)

And then I thought about what the journal provides:

  1. Seeing recent journal objects at a glance
  2. Resume journal items
  3. Modify journal item descriptions
  4. Delete journal items
  5. Search for old journal items

And this confused me. The journal preforms many of the most that I want to do when I want to start working at school - I want to find recent work and keep working on it. However, I need to go the homeview to do the other important work-doing-step, starting a new activity.

But why are these separate? I don't think they should be. They both do the same conceptual things (manage journal objects) and are both useful at exactly the same time (I want to get to work). So what would this design look like?

Would this actually be useful?

Maybe. But I basically asserted a few things that this being useful is contingent on:

Comments, thoughts? Mail them to sam@sam.today. I would love to hear them!

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