NSDC 2016 Topics

30 Jan 2018
Digitizing the motions from National Schools Debating Championships 2016

So I've had this pile of motions from National Schools Debating Championships 2016 sitting on my desk for a while. I thought I'd digitize them, and this blog seemed like an easy place to put them.

Round 1

  1. That the government should not provide welfare assistance to individuals living in rural or isolated areas where there are no job opportunities
  2. That local councils should be empowered to legalise and regulate the use and sale of drugs within their local areas
  3. That we should legalize commercial surrogacy

WA vs VIC. VIC wrote 1, 3, 2. The third topic is circled.

Venue: Monte

Round 3

  1. That pop stars and Hollywood performers becoming spokespersons for feminism is a good thing
  2. That female politicians running for election should not campaign on the basis of their fulfillment of typical gender roles (ie. good wife, mother, homemaker, cook, etc.)
  3. That we should allow couples to elect the laws that govern their marriage, including laws providing for fault-based divorce

ACT vs TAS. ACT wrote 2, 1, 3. The first topic is circled.

Venue: R'wood

Round 4

  1. That America's use of drones does more harm than good
  2. That we should regret the West's decision not to intervene in Syria
  3. That the West should disengage from the South China Sea conflict

WA vs ACT. ACT wrote 2, 1, 3. The first topic is circled.

Venue: A'sleigh

Round 6

  1. That consumers should boycott firms who engage in tax avoidance
  2. That we should set a maximum number of hours per week that any worker can work
  3. That insofar as Australia needs to raise its tax revenue, it should use taxes on consumption

ACT vs SA. ACT wrote 1, 2, 3. The second topic is circled.

Venue: SGHS (thanks for the food!)

Round 7

  1. That the American Republican Party should disendorse Trump
  2. That Bernie Sanders would maker a better President that Hillary Clinton
  3. That Australia should abandon its proposal to build its own submarines and instead host a US navel base.

ACT vs VIC. ACT worte 1, 3, 2. No topic is circled. I believe that the first was debated; but my memory is fickle from that time.

Venue: SBHS


This is an incomplete list (obviously). I will update if I find any more ballots.