I (try to) ship software that makes people smile.

Relume Sitemaps

At Relume, we help web design freelancers and agencies win bigger. Through their experience running a successful web design agency, the founders of Relume realized how much time they were spending creating sitemaps to scope projects & pitch clients. That's why they built Relume Sitemaps.

I had the pleasure of starting the app from nothing; building a drag-and-drop tool that integrates AI into every interaction.

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Docs to Decks

Canva users told us that they didn't start their presentation making slides; they started by making a plan. Copying their plan into a slide template was a tedious and boring part of their workflow.

Our job was to automate it.

I lead a team of 6 engineers to ship feature. Integrating ML, backend and frontend to automatically design presentations. We worked under Mel the cofounder's supervision to ship the feature in time for the Canva Create launch event:

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Quick Create

With Quick Create, Canva helped users design whole sets of design at once; be it a whole social media marketing campaign or brand guidelines. Here's how our users saw the feature:

I lead the development effort in our web stack (Typescript / React / MobX); building chunks of the UI, tech to generate designs & page infrastructure. I coordinated other frontenders to help & cross-team dependencies to deliver the project.



At Canva, we developed novel “Styles” features, including design color palette application (patent pending) and design content replacement (patent granted). I was chiefly responsible for:

  • Developing the Styles tab UI. (React/Typescript frontend)
  • Creating metrics and implementing data collection to measure the feature’s success. (SQL/Snowflake/DBT data warehouse).
  • Developing methods to evaluate algorithms. For example, we developed a human comparative evaluation system using mturk and our internal datasets.
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Learnt Email

Grew an email marketing app; from technical architecture to sales calls. The app allowed you to send the best email variants with ML.

I sold the app to Bellwethr in late 2017.


Reposit Power

I interned at Reposit, a home solar-battery management startup in Canberra. I development marketing emails and internal tooling, with Python / React / SVG stack.

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Sugar Labs

I contributed to Sugar, an open-source desktop used by the One Laptop Per Child project. It was using a Gtk+ / Python stack. I fixed various bugs and added features like notifications, clipboard UI, a help forum, a new app website & brightness control UI.

I'm really grateful for the mentorship from community members as part of Google Code In. In 2014 I was a GCI Grand Prize Winner and flown out to Mountain View by Google. You can read more about my story on the Google Open Source Blog. Later in 2016, I mentored a Google Summer of Code intern to help pay it forwards.

That's it so now. If you've got ideas about what I should work on next, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

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