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Dance - Sugar 0.110

GNOME is an amazing desktop environment. And for the last few releases, they have made very nice and professional release videos, thanks to the hard work of Bastian Ilso. I think that Bastian has done an amazing job in raising the standard of free software videos.

SUSE also makes great videos these days. I mean, have you seen Uptime Funk?

So, what does this mean for Sugar? We are also a desktop environment. To tell you the truth, we probably can't make a more professional video than Basitan, or a better music video than SUSE. So what can I do for the sugar release video? I could be like KDE, and just take some screencasts and put a voice over - nice, informative and helpful to people who care about the content of the release.

No, I run GNOME and am release manager of a desktop that uses Gtk+. Hell no I can't do anything like KDE.

So that's how I end up with Dance - Sugar 0.110. This is a video that is playful - something that matches the playful nature of Sugar. This is a video that is exciting - something that matches the exciting nature of 0.110's new features. And this is a video that is hopeful - something that matches how the Sugar community develops sugar.

Most importantly, it is nothing like any other release video you've ever seen. That might be a bad thing, but at least it makes it harder to compare :)

Comments, thoughts? Mail them to sam@sam.today. I would love to hear them!

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