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By Sam Parkinson, 6 October 2016; view other posts

I've never found making PowerPoints very fun. I've tried different software application - LibreOffice, slides.com, Haiku Deck, and others. But all of them felt backwards to me - they focused on slides first, rather than focusing on the speech/content first. And we're all humans - we actually listen to what the presenter says! That is the most important part.

So, I've started Presenter Club. It is the only speech-first presentation app. And making slides is a breeze! We integrate with tones of great photo sites, including Unsplash, to bring you great background images to spice up your slides.

You can sign up for free at my hosted version, www.presenter.club.

But here's where I wanted to do something different. Closed software is software that works for its owners - not its users! Source code is power, and the person who controls it has the power. How can any software service really claim to be working in the best interests of users if the source is closed and not forkable?

AGPLv3 Logo

So I released it under the AGPLv3. The AGPL best embodies my aim - of all working together to make better presentation software. Check out the source on GitLab.com and help me make the best software for presenters!

Here's a video if you'd prefer that to signing up or downloading the source:

Comments, thoughts? Mail them to [email protected]. I would love to hear them!

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