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Exposing properties with Graphene Django

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By Sam Parkinson, 23 May 2017; view other posts

Graphene Django is an easy to use library for writing GraphQL APIs within Django. But some of the documentation for Graphene is less than great.

When I was learning Graphene Django, I originally found it very hard to expose an @property value of my model to the GraphQL API. This article will look into how to do that, and also why it works.

Ctrl-C Ctrl-V

Say you have a Poll object, and you added a URL property:

class Poll(models.Model):


  def url(self):
      return 'https://pollsite/polls/' + id

Then you can simply add a line to specify its existence in the schema:

class PollType(DjangoObjectType):
    class Meta:
        model = models.Poll
        interfaces = (relay.Node,)

    # This is it, so simple and so functional:
    url = graphene.String()

That's it. Just use the form property_name = graphene.DataType(). You can even use more fancy datatypes, like a graphene.List(graphene.Int()). There is a good reference to check it out.

So why does that work?

First, we need to understand the resolver of the property. By default, the resolvers perform a getattr lookup on the object. This means it would like be this if we were to write it manually:

    url = graphene.String()
    def resolve_url(self, args, context, info):
      return self.url

But that code looks stupid! Isn't the url attribute the graphene.String()? Isn't that code broken?

Well the self in a resolver doesn't represent an instance of the class. Or maybe it does. Anyway; Graphene is a festival of metaclass programming. So the self object is really the Django object, not your graphene object! Once I found that out, it all started to make a lot more sense to me.


Well, that's a very quick dive into the weird and wonderful world of the Graphene framework. Metaclass magic hey!

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